Bumai bedandang besai di Banting

10 04 2009


: Lingga
Division : Sri Aman
Construction Period : Scheme was completed in 1979. Rehabilition completed in 1988.
Date of Completion : 1979
Project Life : 30 years
Scheme Location : It is bounded by Batang Strap on the west and Batang Klauh on the sounth just opposite Banting Bazaar in Lingga District.
Scheme Area : 344 hectares.
Cost of Construction : Initial project cost is RM 1.645 million.
Rehabilitation cost is RM 894,000.00.
Annual O & M cost is RM 100,000.00.
Objective of Scheme :
The main objective for implementation of the scheme area to have self sufficiency in paddy production and to increase the income of farmers which would meet the N.E.P. and N.A.P. The rehabilitation works are to alleviate all constraints that have been inhibiting more intensive agricultural development.
 Scheme Components/ Infrastructures :
The main components are :
a). Pump house with 3 nos. of water pumps which each has a capacity of 12 cusec.
b). 5.9 km of timber canals.
c). 850 m of R.C. Canals.
d). 1.7 km of A.C. delivery pipeline.
e). 1 no. of 5′ x 5′ tidal control gate.
f). 10.7 km of perimeter drain and bund.
g). 4.1 km of cut-off drain.
h). 5 nos. of R.C. checkgate.
The rehabilitation works were the improvement of the 5.3 km of the timber canals and the 1.7 km of the A.C. delivery pipeline.



2 responses

1 06 2009


Kasih amat meda menua Lingga tak baka ti meda menua Semenanjung maia tika Jepun suba.
Nama kebuah kita Iban ba serata menua tu tak agi ngemeli ke diri ngundi BN/PBB?
Uji tunjuk ke penyai menua rumah panjai kitai Iban di kandang menua Lingga dia awak ke orang seluruh dunya meda how we the dayak for the past 40 years under BN government has been marginalised. Expose it all….

Thank you for publishing this comment.

Mupok aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

7 06 2009

kemaya bc jalai ke banting neh..

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